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Rose Quartz Masks x Beauty Agenda

Beauty Agenda face and eye mask is made up of rose quartz beads, each cut and polished by hand.

The naturally cooling stone encourages lymphatic drainage, helps calm inflammation and increases blood flow.

In 1880, French physicist Pierre Curie (Marie Curie’s husband) discovered that putting pressure on various crystals – including quartz, topaz and tourmaline – created electricity. This phenomenon, called the Piezoelectric effect, is why crystals are used as essential elements in computers, TV screens, iPhones and satellites. Limited studies have indicated that crystals can increase the alkalinity of water. There is also science to support the benefits of using crystals in skincare beyond the finely milled quartz often found in exfoliators. Magnetized tourmaline, for example energizes skin to improve cleansing efficacy and boost circulation.

There are countless ways we can incorporate crystals into our daily lives.

Indeed, when it comes to crystal healing, the power of these minerals may be more in our minds than anything else. Just taking a moment to focus on them can make us more mindful, or provide a moment of peace, which might be even more precious than the stones themselves.

Even the most rudimentary skincare regimen can benefit from the introduction of crystals for massage purposes. When it comes to using crystals at home in your skincare routine, The rose quartz stays cold, so it’s excellent for de-puffing. It’s almost a cryo-crystal-like experience, helping active ingredients better penetrate your skin.

For the dedicated, when you first get your crystals, it is recommended that you cleanse them of any previous energies they may have picked up. This involves holding them under running water before leaving them – ideally outside – overnight when there is a full moon. Crystals absorb negative energies. So they do need to be regularly cleaned to remove these. However, washing them under running water or soaking them for a time in salt water is enough.

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