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The mission of Beauty Agenda is to make sure you always look your best, because when you look your best, you also feel your best. Our app will manage your beauty routine in a very easy, productive way. 


Find exclusive beauty products and tools, and discover the best salons, spas and nail bars.

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Beauty Agenda was born from the great desire of its co-founder, Carola, to always look her best while travelling and stopping off in different cities. She needed a tool that could provide focused management of her beauty routine to stay always happy, healthy and at her best.

With Beauty Agenda App’s simple and effective organization, everyone can organise the beauty appointments in the most efficient way. Having the opportunity to take control of your self-care routine, and having always manicured hands, neat and silky hair and, radiant and enviable skin, wherever you are!

Beauty Agenda is wonderful for your well-being, helping you feel less stressed and more productive.


The Beauty Agenda app is a fun, efficient way of scheduling your beauty treatments.

Note your bookings and set different reminders for every type of treatment leaving you free to look and feel faboulous. Check your past appointments for a view of your beauty routine and keep track of the progress of your treatment package. Create your beauty contacts list, and call them directly through the app.

Forget remembering when it’s time to book a new appointment or looking for the number of your favourite beauty salon on your phone – everything will be in control with Beauty Agenda.

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