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Build a Better Routine with the Beauty Agenda App

Are you always struggling to keep things organized? Do you lose important contacts because of a hundred post-it notes? Do you have trouble remembering appointments? Do you make excuses to avoid taking care of yourself? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the Beauty Agenda app is your solution.

This app can save you a lot of time and energy by being a trustworthy assistant that you didn’t know you needed. If your goal is to be happy, healthy, and at your best, then it aligns perfectly with the co-founder’s moto. It takes patience and perseverance to build a habit, but this app can make the process easy so that you can have fun.

You can create a Beauty Regimen with one click. Pick the beauty treatment that you want to stick to regularly and choose the frequency of each one. The Beauty Agenda app will remind you frequently about the routine with a customized notification about your appointment. You can also speed up the entire booking process by saving all your beauty contacts in one place. Forget hunting for email ids and business cards, you can now connect with your chosen salon with just a tap.

Do you need to travel a lot and is it disrupting your beauty routine? The digital nomad lifestyle can add stress and hamper your skincare goals. The Beauty Agenda app saves the address to the contact of your salon along with the specific category it is best known for. You no longer need to browse and waste time on the internet because all the needed information will be available at your fingertips! You can easily make a call through the app and get pampered with beauty treatments.

If you think you can't plan your day ahead without a to-do list, then the Beauty Agenda app has a solution for that too. At 8 a.m. every day, you will receive a customized notification of the appointments and booking reminders. The user-friendly interface will help you feel relaxed and make you want to be more productive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of the world and this app will share the guidelines you need to follow in order to stay safe according to the World Health Organization. With the Beauty Agenda, you can stay updated about your personal routine and learn about the latest changes in the healthcare industry. The salons across the globe are trying to figure out the new normal and making necessary changes.

Things such as the opening hours, hygiene guidelines, and the number of people who can avail the services at once following social distancing may vary. You can try to book a slot in advance to avoid hassle and ensure safety.

iOS users can download the Beauty Agenda app now on Apple store.

Author: Shreemanti B.


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